1 Bianca Bianca | Web | 6. srpna 2015 v 13:55 | Reagovat

Woow.. to by som chcela. :)India je krásne miesto.

2 Adel Adel | 6. srpna 2015 v 14:10 | Reagovat

jéé děkuji :)

3 Kubo2 Kubo2 | E-mail | Web | 6. srpna 2015 v 18:11 | Reagovat

Yeah it is a beautiful place! I wasn't sure about your arrival and I also had to go to school that day, so probably at least my hostmum went to welcome you :-)

My arrival was also perfect, out of the Coimbatore airport there was Francesca (my host-sister) waiting for me and also my two host families... It was amazing! And the 7 hours at Delhi airport was a nightmare! Mr Parthiban instructed me to not fall asleep, so I was talking with two muslim guys (from Iran/UAE, as far as I can remember) and they were good, funny and we were talking about girlfriends, our countries, their nature miracles etc. just fun. Then I went to do a check-in, so we diverged and I fell asleep for an hour at the gate :D

After arrival to Coimbatore, everything getting better everyday. I love it so much here! As I wrote somewhere recently, I'll let Charli XCX sing it for me: "I don't care, I love it!" :D

4 Adel Adel | 8. srpna 2015 v 9:27 | Reagovat

yeah, it is good, that you had good flight, everybody are very nice :) so have a nice day :)

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